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The Parish Council

Knossington and Cold Overton Parish Council look after Cold Overton; our councillors are Nigel Gates and Jeremy Smith.  More information on the various issues looked after by the Parish Council and to get questions answered, try the website at:


So How Do I Use the Defibrillator?

Most of us will have seen the defibrillator on the wall of Gates Garden Centre but do we know what to do with it?  Dr Leon Roberts has kindly provided a brief explanation of what to do if you are faced with being the first on scene.

In the event that a member of the village stops breathing and goes into cardiac arrest you should immediately call 999.

Get help and follow the directions of the ambulance service call taker. First they will ask you for your exact location.

Then they will ask you if the patient taken ill is fully alert and if they are breathing normally.

They will then ask you to follow the advice given over the phone, which might include using a second person to go and collect the community defibrillator on the wall at the end of Main Street, outside Gates Garden Centre.

The call operative will give you the code for the security box containing the community defibrillator. There is also a key in a key safe on the wall, in case of electrical failure of the cabinet. The codes are the same for both, please ask Leon Roberts for the code if you wish to have it somewhere to hand.

The defibrillator should be brought back to the side of the patient and instructions from ambulance control followed until the arrival of the ambulance crew.