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Cold Overton


Whats Happening in Cold O'

At the Tip of Your Fingers

Village Fete Sunday 25 July

5th March 2021

A Village Fete and post-COVID get together will be held in and around the church on 25 July 2021 in the afternoon. Expect tea & cakes, stalls, some games, a BBQ and a few quiet drinks around our newly restored church and churchyard. The reordered church interior will be in full swing with the kitchen (& toilet) doing brisk business!  Bring your families and friends - if you have an idea you wish to contribute then get in touch and we will help you all we can.  Most important - just turn up and support us!


Compost Heap has Gone!

November 2020

The compost heap has finally gone!  Big effort in the rain on Saturday has sen the eyesore cleared and the ground seeded for grass.  Many thanks to our good neighbours for allowing access to the heap through their garden.

Repairs to Churchyard Continue

October 22, 2020

Work to improve the churchyard continues.  The paths have been finished and the margins reseeded - the new grass is growing well already.  The Yew tree has been reduced and the damaged Cypress tree removed.  The Laurel bush and Irish Yew have been reduced but will quickly grow back - albeit we will keep an eye on the Laurel growth.  Soil has been added in a number of low spots throughout the churchyard.  The remaining jobs include screening the oil tank, removing the compost heap and repairing the inside face of the South wall.

Churchyard October 2020

Church Removed From "At Risk" Register

August 4th 2020

Following our successful church restoration Project, our church has been officially removed from the Heritage at Risk Register; this was our primary goal in undertaking the Project.  The attached document provides more information.  Many thanks to everyone for their support and generosity over the past 3 years.

Caring for God's Acre

Delayed by Corona Virus

We have asked Andrea Gilpin from Caring for God's Acre to come and discuss ideas and plans for our churchyard.  With the works finished, the churchyard needs some TLC and we want to involve as many of you as possible in designing the way ahead.  Come and hear what Andrea has to say and help us come up with a plan that we can all sign up to.  Refreshments will be available.  Click on the photo to link to the CFGA website to see what they do.


Cold Overton involved in the Bats and Churches Project

16 March 2019

Everyone is aware of the benefits of having a bat roost in your church - and the problems that go with it!  The Bats and Churches Project has been funded by the Lottery Fund to help find solutions to the issues raised by bat populations within churches specifically and important heritage sites more generally.  Cold Overton is a part of the study and the Bats and Churches Project are sponsoring the bat specific elements of our refurbishment.  The new bat boxes, cameras and ongoing monitoring are all funded by this new project which will help determine the best way to manage bats in our church and, through that work, in other locations around the country.

Click on the picture for more information and a link to the Bats and Churches website.